How do I Sign Up?

Go to and “Click” Sign Up
You will need to put in your:

1. Email
2. Choose a Username
3. Choose a Password

That is it, you are now part of our site!
Let’s skip to the good part-Support!

How do I signup 1
How do I signup 2

How do I Sign In?

We recommend using a password keeper for ease. This way every time you come back to they site you will automatically be signed in.

If that isn’t something you use:

  1. “Click” Log In on the White Menu Bar
  2. Enter your Username or Email
  3. Password
  4. “Click” Log In

Sign in 1

Sign in 2

I forgot my Password, now what?

You have two options:

  1. “Click”: Skip the password; email me a login link
  2. “Click”: I forgot my password

If you don’t see our email in your inbox, please check your Spam Folder (you can also click “This isn’t spam” which should place our emails in your inbox in the future).


I forgot my Username, now what?

Use the email address associated with the account in lieu of your username. Once you are logged in your username will display to the right of the page.

Forgot username

How do I Join Groups?

From the left side menu “Click” Join Groups

Join Groups

Now you are on the Groups Page, follow as many groups as you wish:

How do I Post?

From the home page, you will see a New Post button, click it.
You will choose:

  1. Create Title
  2. Choose a Group
  3. Optionally-choose a Tag
  4. “Click” Create Topic

How to post

How to post 2

What is the “Support Someone” Button?

This page shows you all the new and unsupported posts. We encourage everyone to check in on this page daily and spread a little support around.

Support Someone

How do I use the Navigation Menu to the Left of the Home Page?

  1. New: Shows all the posts created within a time period you can adjust
  2. Top: Shows posts created within a date range
  3. Latest: Shows posts that have been recently created or commented on

Left Nav

How do I use the Navigation Menu to Right of the Home Page?

Right Nav

What do all the numbers mean?
In this example:

  • 1,000 hearts were received and 196 hearts were given
  • 682 posts were posted and 681 comments written**

What do all the icons do?

  • Person Icon will take you to your summary page
  • Gear Icon will take you to your settings
  • Pen Icon will take you to your drafts
  • Bookmark Icon will take you to the posts you have bookmarked
  • Envelope Icon will take you to your messages

What does the Hamburger menu do on the Top, Right Menu Bar?

Clicking anything on this Menu will take you to the same place, your personal hub.

This is where you can:

  • Change and set your preferences (anything with a pencil icon means you can edit this section to your choosing)
  • Follow Members
  • See the posts you have authored
  • See the posts you have commented on
  • Easily go to the groups you wish to post in

Basically, if you are thinking, “How do I?” head here first.

What is Tagging?

Tags are our subgroups, for example:

Title: I am so frustrated with life right now!
Group: Mental Health/Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Tags: Depression, Stress

How to post 2

How do I find My Posts?

“Click” your profile icon
“Click” My Posts

How do I PM or Chat with other Members?

“Click” the members profile icon
“Click” New Message to start a new message
“Click” Chat to start a new message

PM Chat

Where can I find the Blog?


Can I edit my Posts and Comments?

Yes, go back to your post or comment , “Click” the pencil icon, edit and repost.


Can I delete my Posts and Comments?

Yes and No.
You can go back to your post and comment and “Click” the garbage can icon, if it is new you will be permitted to delete it.
If it is an established post or comment, the site will instruct you to flag the comment or post. A message will be sent to our site moderator to evaluate the flag.

Why do we do this? Old posts hold invaluable resources and support. There is so much comfort when you are new to the site to read how others have been there, done that and SURVIVED!


What if someone posts something offensive?

Please “click” the flag icon. A message will be sent to our site moderator to evaluate the flag.


Is my information private?

Privacy - SupportGroups™

Do you have a Moderator on the Site?

About - SupportGroups™

How do Notifications work?

“Click” your profile icon and your notifications will display.

How do I follow a post and get notifications on it?

Go to the bottom of the post and “click” tracking.

How do I follow other Members?

“Click” their profile image and a new box will display
“Click” Follow
Follow a member

How do I contact you?

You can email us at or message us